So sánh hơn nhất là một bài học quan trọng mà bạn phải nắm vững để có thể làm tốt các bài thi tiếng Anh. Để có thể hiểu sâu bài học thì làm bài tập về chủ đề này là cách hiệu quả nhất. Hãy cùng Langmaster ôn tập lại và thực hành bài tập so sánh hơn nhất đầy đủ có đáp án ngay sau đây nhé!

1. Ôn lại lý thuyết về so sánh hơn nhất

Trong tiếng Anh, so sánh hơn nhất là một dạng so sánh, dùng để nêu lên đặc điểm khác biệt, tính chất nổi bật nhất của một đối tượng so với các đối tượng còn lại trong cùng 1 nhóm. Khi so sánh hơn nhất phải có từ 3 đối tượng so sánh trở lên trong 1 nhóm. Và so sánh hơn nhất được chia thành 2 kiểu là so sánh hơn nhất với tính từ dài và so sánh hơn nhất với tính từ ngắn.

1.1. So sánh hơn nhất với tính từ ngắn

Công thức: S1 + V + the + Adj/adv- est + N

Ví dụ. William is the smartest student in the class. (William là sinh viên thông minh nhất trong lớp.)

1.2. So sánh hơn nhất với tính từ dài

Công thức: S1 + V + the + most + adj + N

Ví dụ. Orlando is the most handsome actor in this film. (Orlando là diễn viên đẹp trai nhất trong bộ phim này.)

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Ôn tập lý thuyết của so sánh hơn nhất

2. Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án

Bài tập 1: Viết dạng so sánh hơn nhất của tính từ sau

1. Huge

2. Cold

3. Cheap

4. Much

5. Little

6. Significant

7. Alternative

8. Beautiful

9. Good

10. Far

11. Simple

12. Quick

13. Detailed

14. Young

15. Sustainable

16. Clever

17. Stupid

18. Shy

19. Slow

20. Clean

Bài tập 2: Điền dạng so sánh hơn nhất của tính từ trong ngoặc

1. I am (tall) _______________________ person in my family.

2. Mercury is (small) ________________________ planet in our solar system.

3. Elephants are (large) _________________________ land animals on earth.

4. We bought (expensive) ___________________________TV in the store.

5. Which sports do you think are (dangerous)___________________

6. My cat is (lazy) _______________________ animal I know.

7. This restaurant serves (good) _________________________ food in town.

8. I think Maths is (difficult) _________________________subject.

9. What is (long) ____________________ word in English that you know?

10. He is (strange) ________________________ man in the story.

11. Last week, I had (bad) __________________ time of my life!

12. Which place is (hot) _____________________ place on earth?

13. I think it is (funny) _______________________show on television.

14. My friend is (interesting) _____________________person I know.

15. Who is (famous) _______________________ person in your country?


Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án

Bài tập 3: Chọn đáp án đúng

1. He is _______ actor I’ve ever met.

A. worse

B. bad

C. the worst

D. badly

2. Yuriko is _______responsible as Aki .

A. more

B. the most

C. much

D. as

3. It is______in the city than it is in the countryside.

A. noisily

B. more noisier

C. noisier

D. noisy

4. Alex sings_______among the singers I have known.

A. the most beautiful

B. the more beautiful

C. the most beautifully

D. the more beautifully

5. Emma is _______student in my class.

A. most hard-working

B. more hard-working

C. the most hard-working

D. as hard-working

6. Some experts claim that the coronavirus is __________ disease nowadays.

A. most dangerous 

B. more dangerous 

C. as dangerous 

D. the most dangerous

7. Studies have shown that older people are ________ vulnerable to the disease than any other age group.

A. most 

B. the most 

C. far more 

D. as more

8. To our surprise, John was __________ industrious employee in the marketing department.

A. more 

B. the most 

C. much more 

D. far most

9. Tam Chuc Pagoda is _________ popular tourist attraction in Ha Nam; hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to this area every year.

A. the most 

B. more 

C. most of 

D. the more

When they launched the new smartphone, they assured their customers that it was ________ available on the market.

A. cheaper 

B. cheap 

C. the cheaper 

D. the cheapest


Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án

Bài tập 4: Điền dạng đúng của tính từ trong ngoặc

1. Everest is the (high)_________mountain in the world.

2. Huong is the (short)__________girl in our class.

3. The Amazon River is the (deep)_________iver in the world.

4. Summer is the (hot)__________ season in the year.

5. The Great Wall is the (long)________structure in the world.

6. Khang is the (happy)__________student in my class.

7. Our parents are the (good)__________ people.

8. That girl is the (thin)_____________ in her class.

9. Winter is the (cold)___________season in the year.

10. Lam is (clever)____________student in my group.

11. The palace Hotel was___________(expensive) than the Grandside.

12. Jack is a___________(good) gardener than Sean.

13. They are not going to the____________ (bad) hotel.

14. The palace is the_____________(expensive) hotel.

15. Anne is the_____________(good) gardener.

16. These are the_____________ (beautiful) colors.

17. This is the (interesting)_____________ comic I have ever read.

18. Who is the (rich)___________woman on earth?

19. He was the (clever)____________thief of all.

20. New York is the (large)______________ city of the United States.

Bài tập 5: Viết lại câu sao cho nghĩa không đổi

1. This is the most delicious meal I’ve ever tasted.

=> I’ve…………………………..

2. I’ve never met any more independent person than Kris.

=> George is…………………………

3. There isn’t anybody as kind-hearted as your father.

=> Your father is……………………

4. There is no better teacher in this school than Mrs.Yulian.

=> Mrs.Yulian is……………………………..

5. Have you got any smaller than that one?

=> Is this…………………………………?

Bài tập 6: Chọn dạng đúng của tính từ

1. Of the three dresses, I like the violet one (better/ best).

2. Fred is the (happier/ happiest) person we know.

3. George’s dog is (faster/ fastest) than Peter’s.

4. This picture is (colorfuler/ more colorful) than the one in the hall.

5. Does Lisa feel (weller/ better) today than she did yesterday?

6. This meat soup tastes very (good/ best).

7. Helen is the (less/ least) athletic of all the women.

8. My kitten is the (prettier/ prettiest) of the two.

9. The hotter the weather gets, (sicker/ the sicker) I feel.

10. Lan is the (more polite/most polite) person I have ever met.


Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án

Bài tập 7: Chọn đáp án đúng

1. Nothing is more important than happiness and health.

A. Happiness and health are the most important things.

B. Happiness is more important than health.

C. Health is more important than happiness.

D. Happiness and health are more and more important.

2. I’ve never seen such a nice dress.

A. This dress is the nicest that I’ve ever made.

B. This is the nicest dress that I’ve ever seen.

C. I have never seen the nicest dress so far.

D. Nothing I’ve seen is nicer than this dress.

3. Football is one of the most popular sports in Vietnam.

A. In Vietnam, football is more popular than any other sports.

B. In Vietnam, no sport is more popular than football.

C. In Vietnam, no sport is less popular than football.

D. In Vietnam, one of the most popular sports is football.

4. Tet holiday is the most interesting Vietnamese traditional festival that Josh has ever attended.

A. Tet holiday is more interesting than the Vietnamese traditional festival that Josh has ever attended.

B. Josh has never attended a more interesting Vietnamese traditional festival than Tet holiday.

C. Josh has attended many interesting Vietnamese traditional festivals including Tet holiday.

D. Tet holiday is one of the most interesting Vietnamese traditional festivals Josh has ever attended.

5. No food is believed to be more typical food in Viet Nam than Pho (rice noodles).

A. It is believed that Pho (rice noodles) is the most typical food in Viet Nam.

B. A more typical food than Pho (rice noodles) is believed in Viet Nam.

C. I believe that Viet Nam has the most typical food like Pho (rice noodles).

D. No food in Viet Nam is less typical than Pho (rice noodles).

6. I have never read a better book about cultural diversity I have ever read.

A. This book is a good book about cultural diversity I have ever read.

B. This is the best book about cultural diversity I have ever read.

C. This book is as good as the one about cultural diversity I have ever read.

D. The book about cultural diversity I have ever read isn’t better than this one.

7. No student in my class can run as fast as Jack.

A. Jack is faster than no student in my class.

B. Jack is the fastest runner in my class.

C. All students in my class don't run faster than Jack.

D. No student in my class runs fast as Jack.

8. Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets in the solar system.

A. No other planets in the solar system is as big as Jupiter.

B. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system.

C. All other planets in the solar system are not so big that Jupiter.

D. Among the planets in the solar system, Jupiter is the biggest of all.

9. No other student in his class is as successful as Pat.

A. Pat succeeded in beating all other students in his class.

B. Pat is the most successful student in his class.

C. His class is less successful than Pat is.

D. The more successful his class is, the more successful Pat gets.

10. Dr. Smith is now the fifth wealthiest man in this city.

A. Only four people in this city are wealthier than Dr Smith.

B. Dr. Smith is the wealthiest one in this city.

C. Dr. Smith is wealthier than five people in this city.

D. No one in this city has more wealth than Dr Smith.

11. Richard runs faster than any students in his class.

A. Other students in Richard’s class run faster than he does.

B. Richard is the largest runner in his school.

C. No one in Richard’s class can run as fast as he does.

D. Richard runs as fast as other students in his class.

12. Diana is the most intelligent woman I have ever met.

A. Diana is not as intelligent as the women I have ever met.

B. I have never met a more intelligent woman than Diana.

C. Diana is more intelligent than I am.

D. I have ever met such an intelligent woman.


Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án

Đáp án

Bài tập 1:

1. The hugest

2. The coldest

3. The cheapest

4. The most

5. The least

6. The most significant

7. The most alternative

8. The most beautiful

9. The best

10. The farthest/ The furthest

11. The most simple

12. The quickest

13. The most detailed

14. The youngest

15. The most sustainable

16. The most clever

17. The most stupid

18. The shyest

19. The slowest

20. The cleanest

Bài tập 2:

1. the tallest

2. the smallest

3. the largest

4. the most expensive

5. the most dangerous

6. the laziest

7. the best

8. the most difficult

9. the longest

10. the strangest

11. the worst

12. the hottest

13. the funniest

14. the most interesting

15. the most famous

Bài tập 3:

1. C

2. D

3. C

4. C

5. C

6. D

7. B

8. B

9. A

10. D

Bài tập 4:

1. highest

2. shortest

3. deepest

4. hottest

5. longest

6. happiest

7. best

8. thinnest

9. coldest

10. the most clever

11. more expensive

12. better

13. worst

14. most expensive

15. best

16. most beautiful

17. most interesting

18. richest

19. most clever

20. largest

Bài tập 5:

1. I’ve never tasted a more delicious meal than this one. (Tôi chưa bao giờ nếm thử món ăn ngon như món này.)

2. Kris is the most independent person I’ve ever met. (Kris là người tự lập nhất tôi từng gặp.)

3. Your father is more kind-hearted than anyone. (Bố bạn tốt bụng hơn bất kì ai khác.)

4. Mrs.Yulian is the best teacher in this school. (Cô Yulian là giáo viên tốt nhất của trường này.)

5. Is this the biggest hat you’ve got? (Đây là cái lớn nhất bạn có rồi phải không?)

Bài tập 6:

1. best

2. happiest

3. faster

4. more colorful

5. better

6. good

7. least

8. prettier

9. the sicker

10. most polite

Bài tập 7:

1. A

2. B

3. D

4. B

5. A

6. B

7. B

8. B

9. B

10. A

11. C

12. B


Bài tập so sánh hơn nhất có đáp án


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