” On behalf of our class, I would like to share some thoughts on what we have experienced during the last three months.
Have you ever studied English in any English center? I have known many English centers through the media; however, I chose Langmaster as my last choice to improve my English.

The first lesson happened three months ago. At that time, I felt really nervous, but the friendliness of teachers and coaches made me feel better. The thing which impressed me at first was the teacher’s beauty and three coaches’s enthusiasm.

Then, we started to get acquainted with each other. People chatted cheerfully, so I felt very happy. Although each lesson lasted two hours and a haft, I felt very excited instead of being tired. I appreciated the way the teacher used body language to help us remember new words. After each lesson we were committed to make a video to talk about the things which we studied in that day and then the coach obviously checked it. Therefore, I feel love English more than before, I think I will devote all my time and effort to study English.

In Langmaster, we not only learn many useful things but we also have a lot of good friends. We gain numberous experiences as well.

In my opinion, we did become a real family.”



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