Hi guys,
I’m Phuong – a girl from a girl-group named “Eagles”. Sound interesting, right?
I don’t know what to say first…

My feeling now may be expressed in one word. That is “REGRET”.
Today is a beautiful autumn day and so was one year ago this day when I came to Hanoi to start my first-year in AJC. At that time, I met many friends in Hanoi, studied with them and realized that all of them spoke English so well, even like native people. I started to be scared to talk English with them, and I didn’t speak English any more from that time. Day by day, my English got worse,…

One day, I watched a Langmaster’s video from Youtube and I found the there so strange but so interesting. I was so excited to watch a series of Langmaster’s videos. After that, I started to find some informations about Langmaster speaking class and decided to join this class – LEV K207 of Mr. Robert Thanh.
Mr. Robert Thanh, I have a question to ask you – why is not “Robert Luong”? =))) Just kidding…
To be honest, what impressed me at the first sight when I met Mr.Robert is: He is so slim =)).

I think “Small but has Kungfu” is the best idiom to describe him. Mr.Robert always gives us all his inspiration and power in every class. He makes us feel powerful when doing exercises with his lessons and feel like going to class every day. All his lessons are very useful. He teaches us many tips to study English well. Joining Mr. Robert‘s class you will not want to go to the end, I swear =)). Besides, he has a sense of humour. He makes us laugh so much.
In this class, I also meet three coaches. They are all fun, kind and good at English. They help us a lot in our study process. In every class,these coaches always hold funny games to make us happy and have power to start the lessons. They help us practice during the class, andcorrect our speaking video at home. Moreover, they accompany with us in “I’m Vietnamese contest”. They’re happy when we are happy, they’re sad when we sad, that is the time we have faults.

“Eagles”, my nine beautiful girls. It’s so great (to join this group with all of them. I can’t forget the time we shot the video “I’m Vietnamese” in Nghia Do park. It was very fun. And when we fight the other groups in exercises “English respond”, I felt that we were so united.
LEV K207 – I’m pleased to meet them. Despite the different age groups, we are like a big family with “slim father” Robert. I’m happy whenever I’m with this amazing class. We study and do exercises together. One more thing I want is that I have opportunity to improve English with LEV K207, all my dears.

Finally, l’d like to tell: I LOVE LEV K207 – I LOVE MY BIG FAMILY


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