Remember the first day at class K203, when i came i saw people are standing around coach, they was playing a game. We had to hold each other and avoided to be touch when coach was trying touch us. That’s very funny and it’s the first time we play together. And then our trainer had come, she’s very pretty and young, and she always teach us with her passionate. And we had 3 lovely girl are our coaches, they’re very adour and friendly. we had a great moniter too, he’s very funny and nice. He held for us many funny games, many events and he always making us laugh many times. Few days ago, we went to Yen So park and that’s a wonderful time we spent together. All members of class K203 are very lovely, i love them so much. Now is the end of level 1 and of course we’ll have many great moments next . I’ll never forget class K203. Love you guys <3


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