Dear Langmaster,
Im no longer a timid kid, an autism boy and I am also not a man who like to wear shirt and trousers when I go to the class, say hello in morning, say goodbye in the evening; but, working for a company makes me become that..

When I come to Langmaster class, my mind seems to become younger. What do you think the class includes?
• A class room – yes, of course
• Classmate – Teammate – Friends – exactly.
• Tables and chairs. – A lot of chairs but only table for your trainer.
• A Trainer & 3 coaches. .
I have never seen a trainer who is so intimate, friendly with all of students and makes anyone become younger until I attend this class. and Im sure that students also make trainer become younger..
This is not just a class, this is an actual family where I have a lot of brothers and sisters, some of whom is even old older than me about ten years old. But, we are taught a same lesson together. I learn experience as well as maturation from older ones and I learn confidence from younger members. It can be said that i learn a variety of knowledge, not only English.
When you were a child, did you scare your teacher? I think you say yes.

However, Langmaster bonus you 3 coaches :))) Dont worry. 3 coaches are more wonderful than what you can image. They are people following and pacing with you from class to home, from home to Sword Lake. They try to find your mistakes and help you fix them. let’s call them are angels, not coaches. Let’s fall in love.

Anyway, I find myself when I was child, a confident boy, an active boy here. I am playing English with my new friends. I am self-confident. And I found how to love English. Thank Langmaster so much.
I am Thang, monitor of LEV K188 class.



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